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E|L1 professional instructors evaluate, synthesize, and analyze baseball information for all players. They diagnose problems and offer prescriptions to them, not simply communicate the errors.

E|L1 employs only elite professional instructors who have top level baseball experience, and the ability to efficiently and effectively communicate with each individual player on his/her level. In a one-on-one environment, perceived stressors are eliminated to allow each student to focus solely on building his/her strengths and identifying and correcting their weaknesses.

E|L1 instructors have the unique experience and skills to effectively communicate the what, when, and why of each skill.

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E|L1 offers existing teams, organizations, and leagues the Powered By E|L1 program to ENHANCE their brand. Being in the sports industry for years, our staff recognizes that coaches and managers take on a lot to provide for kids. Powered By E|L1 gives access to resources to assist those hard-working men and women in preparing their players for league and tournament play.

Powered By E|L1 takes time consuming tasks (and stress!) off the plate of coaches and managers, leaving them more time to positively engage with their players and their families!

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All Skills is an after-school training program that gives players a chance to get all of their training done in one stop. We have daily workouts that are focused on three main areas: pitching, hitting and infield.

For each separate skill, players will receive the knowledge and tools that will help transform them as a player. Our daily workouts are completely player directed, meaning that you have the ability to come in and work on whatever you want to work on.

There’s no set practice plan, you decide what you want to do and we’re there to provide instruction and feedback.

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