We are a football training academy that teaches fundamentals and habits in a positive environment where progress is the focus of every session. Through a progressive curriculum which includes on-field instruction, film study, homework assignments, quizzes, mental skills training, speed and strength training, and academic support; we emphasize using the game as a tool to teach life skills. We use our vast playing and coaching experience to assist building better teams by partnering with youth and high school organizations to create a tighter knit football fraternity where we are all learning from each other to strengthen the football community.

There has never been a better game invented than football. Football has had a profound impact on the lives of our staff and we want to share those experiences with the families that put their trust in us. We have surrounded our program with men of character that have used our game as a tool to enrich their lives. If football is the ultimate team, then RISE is the ultimate team company. We all work together to provide an atmosphere, where your athlete will thrive and learn that greatness is attainable and contagious.