Skills Challenge Fundraiser

Raise Money to Support Your Athlete’s Program and Training Fees. Earn donations by collecting pledges and competing in the Skills Challenge. Keep what you earn to pay for your program fees & associated costs. When the Skills Challenge is complete, a scoring sheet will be provided with the total points earned for you to update your results on Pledge It. This will automatically notify your pledgers and you can collect their generous donations. Remember to thank all of your donors!

How to Get Started

1.      Go to PledgeIt and ‘Get started’

2.      Select ‘Pledge It for Individuals’ and start a standard campaign

3.      Select the ‘flat donation only’ fundraising campaign option

4.      Finish your campaign and connect your bank account

5.      Launch your campaign and enter email addresses to collect donations from family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor your athlete.

6.      Every dollar earned stays with you. We encourage you to apply it to player fees, uniforms or gear.

step-by-step video