Tournament season

Weekend warriors often become road warriors during the summer tournament schedule. With hundreds of tournaments coast-to-coast, athletes of all ages and skills can showcase their talent and snag a first-place finish.

With a summer full of ‘ball games’ coming up, we have some tips and tricks for everyone from players to parents to siblings to enjoy the season.

Know your schedule. Prepare and plan accordingly.

– Take snacks! And beverages. From water to coffee to juice, stay hydrated.

– Have activities and entertainment for the younger siblings, from tablets to coloring tasks.

– Take shade. Grab a tent, a chair with a shade cover, and a big hat.

– Don’t forget the sunscreen!

And most important: remember the positive attitude. Stay competitive, in a positive way. All EL1 brands are fully committed to reinforce their policies and commitment to safety and sportsmanship, and a zero-tolerance policy for physical violence against game officials, tournament staff and fellow participants.

If your team isn’t yet signed up for enough tournaments this summer, check out the EL1 lineup for tournaments from Pennsylvania to Washington.